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I Was Born To Love You

I was born to love you the reader of my latest book. I was, most assuredly born to mend and repair broken hearts, relationships, the concerns and problems of daily life. I have made a powerful statement here; everyone is born into this life with a purpose. I, Morgan Manley, author of I Was Born to Love You came unto this world as a conduit of change and resolution to the challenges presenting you each and every day.

I Was Born to Love You is not a book to be read and digested as other literary works, it is a guide or handbook referencing how to deal with the harshest adversity. A simple story is never that at all, many levels of implication and inference can be drawn upon through reading. I Was Born to Love You is impactful, stirring, infuriating and victorious all at the same time. A good read? Much more than that to be sure! What's more, it shares with the reader step-by-step process to oversome harsh adversities and move to a successful life.

Press Release

Morgan Manley author of I Was Born to Love You announces Dorrance Publishing as her new representative for her literary work.

Wilmington’s own socially-conscious prophet of the Power of Love, Morgan Manley, is working closely with her publisher in the marketing and distribution of her book, “I Was Born to Love You” Morgan Manley is also working with a well known academy award winning producer in the production of the theatrical version of, “I Was Born To Love You”.

Wilmington, DE, 2008 Morgan Manley, Alapocas resident and beloved friend and source of inspiration to people in transition has entered a professional relationship with Dorrance Publishing. Morgan Manley will be working closely with Dorrance Publishing on all aspects of promotion and any future book tours for the beloved author. Attracting the attention of Dorrance Publishing is just another feather in the cap for Morgan Manley. Throughout her recent book tours in the Wilmington/Philadelphia areas it became clear to Morgan Manley, her friends and associates that grander things were to come for the local author. A movie deal is in the works to produce I Was Born to Love You as a theatrical release late 2010. Surely Morgan Manley is on the fast track to stardom and literary success with Dorrance Publishing in her corner.

Feedback Received

Brenda MacDonald: Ming, I just read your book and just loved it. I saw your book trailer, you are one beautiful woman inside and out. Best wishes on this book Ming. Love Brenda 09-Oct-08

Genny: Dear Ming, I have been so excited for this book and it was worth the wait! The experience of reading it was heartwarming. I now know all that you have gone through and I am amazed at what you have overcome. I cried and laughed at the same time while reading this book. I know that that reading this book will have a deep impact of the lives of those that read it.This book is a lovely story of pain, triumph and joy. You are such a blessing. You have touched my life and I thank you! 07-Oct-08

Larisa S: I thought it was very well written beautiful book. It reads so easy. Something I could definitely relate to. The content of the story is sad, but what Ming had to over come is astonishing. I felt what she felt when while reading it. I thank God that he guided me to find you. And thank you for your book. This book will help many people as it helped me. My best prayers and love always! Larisa S. 05-Oct-08

yolanda youn: Ming... I have read your book over and over and each time that I read it it has a deeper meaning.. I just want to say thank you for everything and that you truly are an inspiration to me and millions of other people that has been blessed to know you. 24-Sep-08

Donna: Morgan, you are a true angel, an earth angel. Your book has touch the depths of my heart and soul. This is journey from the darkness into the light. It's about making choices through God's will and prayers. The "secret" you carved out at the end chapters will transform and teach all of God's children. A must read to unravel God's mysteries while we are still in this cave. 22-Sep-08

Rebecca : I Was Born To Love You details the author's journey to connect to her true life purpose through prayer. What is so compelling about this book is that author also clearly helps the reader understand that we are all interconnected, have the similar journey in this lifetime and have the power to connect to our true purpose through prayer. This is a wonderful message- heaven sent. 12-Sep-08

yolanda young: Ming.. this is the most inspirational books that I have ever read.. you are a true angel of god. Thank you for this motivational book and for making a huge impact in my life. Love always, Yolanda 04-Sep-08

Bill: Ming, I received the book and read it the day that it arrived. I was simply unable to put it down. Your story is an amazing one and I loved reading the book. You are truly an inspiration! Thank you for sharing, and I hope that everyone has the chance to rad this story. 30-Aug-08

Johanna : This book was absoutely incredible!! I can't tell you how many books I start and not finish. This was not the case. I read this book in two days. It was very hard to put down. You are an incredible women and it give me faith to carry on!! Five star rating on this book!! 28-Aug-08

Debbie: Ming, this is one of thee most powerful and inspiring books i have ever read !!! I was not able to put it down words cannot describe how compelling this book is and the fact that knowing you ,is astonishing. Ming ,you are truly an inspiration for all and your story proves this. I encourage everyone, yes everyone, to buy this book because there is truly a lesson for us all to aquire through this remarable woman....God Bless you always... 26-Aug-08

Maria: Dear Ming, Thank you so much for writing this book. It helped me with what I have been going through and to put it into perspective, as I feel it will do for countless others. As I read the book (which by the way only took two days, since I couldn't put it down), I cried many times feeling what you had gone through. I have already referred many friends to this website so they can benefit from it as well. Bless you for writing this book and helping so many people. You are always in my prayers.

Katherine: Dear Ming, I waited 1 1/2 years for this book and I have to tell you it was well worth the wait! The experience I felt was overwhelming. As I read, I could feel what you went through but also what you have overcome. I was on an airplane and I cried the whole time. I could feel your pain, your joy and happiness. This book was divinely created to touch the lives of many and I am pleased that you were inspired to write it and are sharing it with the world. Your work that you do everyday is such a blessing. You have touched my life and I am so happy for you. 12-Aug-08

DEBBIE BOWE: Dear Ming, i just recieved my book yesterday an dcould not put it down. so far astounding and brings up the past as my sister experienced some of which you have been through. i will finish reading and post again with a total review...you are one remarkable woman,and i am so so lucky to have found you truly....love and blessings to you always......Debbie 06-Aug-08

angie: downloaded the book online because I was strongly lead to read it yesterday and felt I could not wait, I am truly touched by this book of your life story. This has totally changed how I will pray and has made my faith stronger. I believe that you are truly gifted and know that you are the truth because your gifts come from God. You are a true liason between Heaven and earth for everyone. I believe in what you have predicted because believing and trusting you is trusting in God. God Bless you!!! BOOK IS A MUST READ FOR ALL 04-Aug-08

Allison: This book is EXCELLENT! What Morgan experienced in life is Astonishing! Yet, she overcame it and she shows the reader that it matters not where we find ourselves, with prayers (she outlined specific prayers) we can overcome. Dramatic true life story, had me crying much of the time then laughing happily, especially when I recognize angels at work in her life. Thank you Morgan for sharing this wonderful work, the story of your life with us. Allison

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I Was Born To Love You - by M. Manley

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